American Storefront is a project of Ted Zahn, a designer, photographer and writer in Portland, Oregon.


For years I've traveled around America, photographing vintage neon and classic storefronts. I'm passionate about preserving these connections to our past. And while I love to explore with the camera, I'm also a designer. So I started drawing...

American Storefront is a collection of illustrations designed to immortalize neighborhood icons like mom-n-pop groceries, theaters, restaurants, bakeries, and more. They are drawn with painstaking attention to their original architectural and typographic detail. At the same time, I love the process of elevating them to a more idealized, pristine state, removed from all the surrounding noise that usually distracts us from appreciating their aesthetic and cultural significance.

I've begun the project with some of my favorites in Manhattan, Chicago and Los Angeles, with a limited run of prints for each. More are in the works...

Personally, I've spent more than 20 years professionally in design, advertising, and branding. Through Studio Zahn, I create original works, commissions, and partner with select clients for branding and design work.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or special requests.

Ted Zahn